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Pack Aqua Moment
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Pack Aqua Moment


- Accommodation in Double Basic Room
- Breakfast buffet
- 1 Lunch for two with Chef Suggestions *
- 1 Romantic bath with bubbles (20´) ** per couple
- 1 General relaxing massage (50’) per person
- 1 Hydrotherapy Circuit (90´) *** per person
- 10% discount on Spa Treatments booked separated
* Full menu with Suggestions of the day.
** Hydro massage bath in a double bath in the spa.
*** Hydro massage pool, Jacuzzi, Foot Bath, Shower walk, Cold Water Bath and Relaxation area

€210 per person
VAT included

- Pack valid from 01/01/2021 to 28/02/2022, except during holidays or bank holidays.
- Supplement Extra night in BB: €95;
- Supplement August per night: €20;
- Supplement Basic Single Room: €75;
- Pack subject to availability. Previous booking is required;
- In the Hydrotherapy Circuit is mandatory to wear swimming cap and bikini or swimsuit;
- Spa services during the day with previous booking.

For bookings and further information:
262 505 370

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