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Termas da Piedade

Your Hotel & Spa Alcobaça

Termas da Piedade

Termas da Piedade offers an array of treatments to prevent and treat numerous pathologies by using thermal water and other complementary means for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes, health promotion, well-being and disease prevention.

The waters of Piedade have various health benefits to the digestive tract, skeletal muscle system, urinary tract and dermatological diseases due to the characteristics of its waters: hypothermal, mesohaline, chlorinated, with sodium, bicarbonate and calcium.

Please be advised that all Spa services require prior appointment.

Contact Termas da Piedade:
Phone: +351 262 505 376

Chemical composition of the waters in Termas da Piedade:
- Sodium chloride;
- Hypersaline;
- Neutral pH - 6.9.

Its main ions are:
- chloride +/- 1250mg / l
- sodium +/- 800 mg / l
- bicarbonate +/- 370 mg / l
- sulphate +/- 270 mg / l
- calcium +/- 160 mg / l

History of Termas da Piedade

The begging of the use of water da Piedade with therapeutic purposes is unknown. According to some studies, the natural spring of water have been explored during the Romanizing period.

It is considered the first thermal building, created by the Cister religious order in the times of Cardinal-King D. Enrique I, when curative baths where taken there.

During 20th century, the entity passed through the hands of several owners until it become the actual society Termas da Piedade Lda., that has renovated the hotel sector since 1981. Water da Piedade was used to end up with digestive system pain, skin problems and muscular inflammations. In 1997 thermal activity in this water was interrupted due to some modifications in the water characteristics. Nevertheless, Your Hotel & Spa was built taking in count this water will be used in the future.

The idea of increase thermal activity with water of Piedade was maintained during the years. In 2019 Termas da Piedade emerged again and got into the Spa from the Hotel becoming a thermal spa using the centenary water da Piedade.


Check here the thermal treatment offers.

Our thermal services:

Consulting| Ingestion of thermal water | Hydrocolontherapy | Hydrotherapy | Baths | Showers | Drains | Massages

Check here our frequent ask questions.

Skeletal muscle system

Degenerative diseases:
- Column;
- Hip;
- Knees.

Inflammatory Diseases:
- Rheumatoid arthritis;
- Gout arthritis;
- Psoriatic arthritis
- Spondylitis;
- Fibromyalgia;
- Articulations;
- Tendonitis;
- Epicondylitis.

Digestive System

Digestive System:

- Gastritis;
- Duodenitis;
- Ulcers;
- Hepatobiliary dyskinesia;
- Irritable bowel syndrome;
- Constipation.

Dermatological diseases

Dermatological diseases:

- Psoriasis;
- Eczema;
- Varicose ulcers;
- Acne;
- Allergies.

Urinary system

Urinary system:

- Renal lithiasis;
- Renal insufficiency;
- Metabolic diseases:
- Arterial hypertension;
- Hypercholesterolemia;
- Diabetes;
- Gout.

Our services

Our services:
- Medical monitoring;
- Physiotherapy;
- Dietetics;
- Thermal water intake;
- Colon hydrotherapy;
- Vichy shower;
- Scottish shower;
- Hydrotherapy circuit;
- Whirlpools;
- Among others.

The Thermalism programs require previous medical consultation, carried out by the clinical staff of Termas da Piedade, in order to ensure the correct prescription of hidrology.

Colon hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy consists of a purification and detoxification of the intestine.
After a deep cleaning, thermal water is introduced as a powerful disinfectant nullifying and neutralizing any infection or inflammation present in the intestinal walls. This treatment eliminates some microorganisms (bacteria) that can be harmful to the health of the intestine.
Thermal water is also an excellent cellular regenerator.
By performing this treatment your immune system will be strengthened.
This is a safe, comfortable and painless therapy that deeply cleanses and detoxifies the mucous membranes, releasing parked debris, toxins, excessive mucosity and parasites. During the session, the person lies in a comfortable position while the water runs through the colon, and their dignity is fully preserved.