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Termas da Piedade
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Termas da Piedade offers an array of treatments to prevent and treat numerous pathologies by using thermal water and other complementary means for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes, health promotion, well-being and disease prevention.

The waters of Piedade have various health benefits to the digestive tract, skeletal muscle system, urinary tract and dermatological diseases due to the characteristics of its waters: hypothermal, mesohaline, chlorinated, with sodium, bicarbonate and calcium.

Chemical composition of the waters in Termas da Piedade:

- Sodium chloride;
- Hypersaline;
- Neutral pH - 6.9.

Its main ions are:
- chloride +/- 1250mg / l
- sodium +/- 800 mg / l
- bicarbonate +/- 370 mg / l
- sulphate +/- 270 mg / l
- calcium +/- 160 mg / l